Auction versus private treaty?
Some of the considerations when selecting a sale method may be:
  • Are there many comparable homes on the market?
  • What is the likelihood of finding multiple buyers?
  • Is the price of my home easily determined?
  • What is the state of the market?
What are the costs involved?
Some of the costs involved may include:
  • Selling commission
  • Marketing costs
  • Solicitor fees
  • Cost of building and pest reports etc
Do I need a solicitor?
Whether selling or buying, you are not required to use a solicitor. However, the conveyancing process is quite complicated and the large majority of people choose to use a solicitor.
What do I need to do before putting my property on the market?
Consult your selling agent or building inspector to see what reports are necessary. It is also a good idea to speak with an agent to see what changes you may be able to make to your property to increase its sale price.
Should I sell before I buy?
This is a very personal question, there are arguments either side, ultimately it is a case of considering your own position and what you wish to achieve by buying and selling and deciding from there.
What are the benefits of an open home?
  • Groups together buyers to avoid multiply inspections
  • Can be tailored to a time that suits the seller and the property
  • More potential buyers through than by appointment only
  • You never know who may come though out of curiosity and discover they wish to buy the property
Where should I be advertising my property?
Each marketing campaign should be tailored to the particular property, some of the more popular mediums are:
  • The Canberra Times
  • City News
  • Internet advertising
  • The Chronicle
  • Advertising at the property (signboard)
  • Advertising at the agents office

Why Berkely?

Because we’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding outcome.

Tailored marketing

Each property is different from the next, be it by a small or large margin and as such, each sale presents a unique challenge. Our ability to cater a marketing campaign specific to each property ensures the optimum outcome it each instance.

Breadth of knowledge

Our consultants have experience in many areas of real estate including business and commercial sales, unit marketing as well as extensive experience in residential sales. We donít claim to be everything to everybody but our experience in varied aspects of real estate has given us a better appreciation of different marketing techniques and strategies.

Getting the small things right

At Berkely, we believe that a successful campaign involves getting all aspects of the campaign right. It is not good enough to simply put up a sign and scribble a few lines of text and hope you find a buyer ready to buy. The way in which your property is marketed, from its description and photography, to open homes and auction day reflects on your property. It is our belief that premiums will be achieved though the smaller details.

Defensive strategy

Many years of selling real estate have taught us that while it is very important to promote the positive aspects of your property, knowing the negatives and being able to address them will ultimately lead to buyers purchasing with more confidence, and hence, a better outcome for the seller.

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